Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Boomboxes and Power speakers

I know I haven't posted in forever..but there's not really an excuse. Work, School, the usual things.
It's three in the morning and yes I am blogging.
On my mind at the moment are quiet a few things:
The recent Glee episode (It's BAAAACK!), my history outlines, and what random applications to add to my phone.
Well, and one more thing. Though I'm sure by now you've already guessed it, a boy.
I'll admit I'm still a bit thrown off by said boy. It's not everyday you joke about dating a guy with a few piercings, possibly a tattoo with a dorky personality and they show up.
Then they play guitar. Love theater. Uses sarcasm.
Do I feel like I'm in some cross of Twilight Zone and a Sara Dessen novel? Why yes.
I've never been more happy of my choice to put things into the past. I finally do and amazingly enough a door opens right up before you can say Bloody hell like Ronald Weasley.
Best of all is I'm just having fun. I'm not freaking, analyzing nor debating.
This is a really great change. Even if it does come with MKM completely ignoring me because he can't get over the fact that we are over which of course all started with his actions.
Enough said, no raining on my parade.