Saturday, February 27, 2010

Morning Lovely!

Just a quick post before work :]
I'm getting ready to fix my hair, put on some makeup, and put on my A game! Can she do it?
Hell yes she can.
It feels a bit weird prepping myself to flirt, it seems like its been quite a while since I've done this.
*Blushes* Snap. I'm blaring a lot of hyper crazy music to boost and keep myself awake. Keep the sun out and bring on the guests! And a certain server ;] I'll gladly take that too thanks.
<3 Mia

Don't stop, make it pop!
DJ blow my speakers up
Tonight I'mma fight till I see the sudden light

Monday, February 22, 2010


This is just a quick post. I added a great widget from that posts books I'm looking forward to reading!
Not much else to say, it's pretty cloudy today sadly. I updated my fashion collage on my wall with a picture of these really great Grecian style dresses I found in an ELLE magazine from Half-Price and a cute Photography ad.
I'm on the search for a better cell phone plan right now even though mine isn't as expensive as they come..cutting costs though would be lovely! Walmart has this unique plan apparently that I think I shall look into..If not then I shall start putting money aside here and there for a new cell phone!
I'll admit I definitely put far too much research into electronics when I buy them. In my defense if I'm going to be stuck with it for a while I want to make sure I'm not trapped with something rather dull.
I better go, I have to manage my new aerobics ball workout before work and the phone call!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


This won't be long this I can promise you. I'm pretty sore and worn out!
Work was absolutely insane, we went on an awesome hour and a half wait! Which is pretty crazy since we have so many tables!
Anyways running main was a challenge but as long as I focused and kept calm no matter how crazy it became we all made it trough.
I'm super proud of all my hostess who did beyond amazing :] We were a really great team which we haven't really gotten the chance to do yet.
I was lucky enough to not close (Woot woot)
And I plan to break my spree of not straightening my hair by straightening it tomorrow for valentines day <3 And I have this cute red metallic headband to wear! haha
I took a benadryl and I'm hoping to pass out asap!
Now I'm signing off all cozy in my The Who hoodie to snuggle in my awesome wonderful bed.
Night Lovelies

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stylish Moment

Hello Lovelies!
I've been home for about an hour or two after scouting Target. The one I leave near is absolutely fantastic when it comes to handbags/shoes clearance!
I know I'm suppose to be budgeting but what kind of girl would I be to pass up tall black adorable boots for $8. I tried them on..thought about it, thought some more. I decided since they're thin I can wear them for spring too and cool summer days also!
Ka-ching :] Last new addition would be a pair of vibrant blue flats for $4. They're really colorful without going crazy and I can't wait to wear them with shorts.
Now it's time for Plan A:
I am not eating out except for once a month with a $5 budget.
Instead I shall put money towards my spring/summer fund.
Right now I'm craving:
*An adorable floral skirt from Target
*A summer dress or two from Forever 21
* breezy tanktops
*A pair of gladiator sandals (Yep..I want these every year. I can't resist!)
Now I'm also here to introduce a fabulous website! Maybe you already know, if not check it out!
Warning: Some of it is expensive but some isn't too bad. Besides, we can all Dream now can't we?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

You Make Me Want to La La

As many know mother nature is apparently pissed or quite sad.
I'm going with the pissed off judging by how people have been handling her lately.
We have fierce wind and pouring rain and a sun that lately has been MIA. If you see it please tell it we all miss it very much and would be happy to see it again!
I'm becoming fond of being a redhead I must admit.That and my adorable Peace ring I picked up from Target on my last paycheck for $19.
Sad thing is that was and still is my splurge of the entire month. <3
On other news I really want a wii. After catching an awesome video of the new game Just Dance for it I am enthralled.
In your last post you were talking about wanting to shop, I feel you.
Beyond belief. The sales that are flashing in front of my eyes to make room for new spring lines is sending me into a mini rage at the lack of funds I hold.
Not to mention I need to start busting it excercise wise..swimsuit season in a month! gag.
I think I'll buy a really cute one that hang it on the back of my door and use that is motivation lol.
And Yes. Just like the yogurt commercial.

Trasmettami l'amore presto,