Thursday, January 28, 2010

Off the Deep End can be Fun..

Quick blog before I'm off to memorize Genetics 101 ^^. Work last night wasn't eventful really except I was so worn from everything I accidentally locked my manager's keys in the storage closet. Oops..Luckily I was able to use our Kitchen Manager's keys to get them out. Only I locked myself outside (because apparently when you shut the back doors they lock behind themselves) and was lucky enough to be able to fit through a really small gap of the two chained lock gates to make it back to the front of the restaurant.
I'm also studying for my certified trainer exam (yet another thing to add to my long list of things to do) but hopefully it won't be too hard.
I don't work doubles anymore so if you catch a moment before four on Friday, Saturday or Sunday I shall be at home.
My social life right now consists of reading and writing which I'm perfectly fine with. I'm young and I've got time to go crazy. (I'm thinking this spring break and summer m mm? ;} )
I'm trying to get C back on track school wise but that girl is crazy stubborn on learning! I feel like a mum sometimes talking to the people who have kids at work lol.
I watched Young Victoria late Tuesday night..and it was beyond lovely. I cried..smiled..beautiful love story. We will have to watch it sometime together!
Well my to do list is calling my name it seems. I'm going to try to get a picture of me with my new hair at some point (Cole keeps nagging haha) and maybe post it on here!
ps. Is this not the most adorable dog? It's a new breed sort of..A Bluetick Coon Hound

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Imma a Trainer Mum!

I have come to the terms that being single is super awesome but yet I do want to be in a relationship. Plus I need to get around to telling MKM i'm perfectly fine thanks as I am and I don't need another person who will treat me like crap in my life :].
Anyways! I'm going to work in about twenty minutes so I thought I'd slip this in before then. I went to a trainer class at ten this morning and it went all the way to three! It was long, fun excercises..and they fed us so it wasn't that bad at all.
Something to think on:
I remember being in a relationship with my ex-boyfriend and we both had our eyes set on Italy. Well Italy and France but I think we were leaning towards Italy at that point..after the thousands of pictures and research <9 and we were both so excited. And I remember him just being upset how I wasn't going to be there for part of the summer. Instead of being happy for me it was just negative energy. I want somebody who gets excited for me even if it does mean me being gone from them a bit. Because anyone who knows us understands who big we are on seeing the world!
More after work!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Weather or Not I love the London Fog

I know it's been a bit since I've posted and I apologize! I've been fighting off from getting sick. My sister has bronchitis and anyone who knows me knows I'm sort of prone to it..luckily I've fought it off (well...i do hope). Though all that has left me pretty worn. Around three today I sort of just collapsed and slept a few hours. Which hey better now then tomorrow early morning. I have my trainer class at Laundrys at 10 am to 3...woot..then work at 5:15.
I have finished my Genetics DNA Vocabulary! And read my history chapter and completed my outline..Though I'm going to work more on English tomorrow.
OH! So I was thinking if you do host during the summer we should take kickboxing at the Community College! Lol. I think that would be really fun, and I'm attempting to drag someone into it.
Found millions of photos of when I was younger and very blond up till eighth. That makes me miss it a bit till I think about how much an upkeep being blond is when your hair is darker.
So by now I hope MKM realizes I'm no longer willing to be friends with him. It's not that it would be hard it's just that after everything he's done I don't think I should let myself do it. Truth is I don't really need him so he can just as well keep out. Maybe once I'm dating someone and such I'll ask him to play like an adult and unblock me <3
I've watched two movies since Friday: War Inc. and Keeping Mum. Both are fantastic. While War Inc. features Hilary Duff in a great satire about war Keeping Mum is a lovely British Comedy. (With Maggie Smith! :] )
This weekend should be plenty interesting for things I shall not write down here. You'll have to call eventually even if it's next month! lol
p.s. I'm still in love with Bruges, Belgium.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Work yesterday? Best night EVER. Might be just because we actually went on a wait so everyone was thrilled to make money. Or it might be the fact a certain server J was back off vacation <3
Whichever it was I got compliments on my hair :] Desiree just randomly said, "Your so Pretty!".
Then ran. lol.
Brad commented on my hair once I was talking to Desiree about it because he claims he noticed but he was afraid to say anything unless it had always been like that and he was just going a bit crazy..oh men.
BUT..i'm sorta excited..because at the end of the night I was the last standing hostess and had to close. At the end when they were all rolling silverware in stood in-between ex-K and J. Actually wasn't awkward so awesomeness! In fact..ex-K seems to think J likes me too..*Blushes* that there was some flirting going a girl could squeal and cross her fingers. I'll just play it cool..for now..
I know I said no straightening but I'm tempted..darn it! just my
Oh foo.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh the woe of working..

I'm off to get my hair cut in about twenty minutes bright and early! Despite being tired I do like getting up early and feeling like the day is quite endless being able to pack so much in it.
I have cried a little finding out Scary Kids Scaring Kids are here this Sunday..*tears tears* Though if for some reason I get cut I will be grabbing whoever is nearby and flying to downtown at the Merdian to see them lol.
Not that I should be spending the money due to just buying shampoo, conditioner, hair dye and now a hair cut..thou i am four months over due to be fair ^_^
Book Club! Yes, yes? A few people seemed game on facebook so why not?
If anyone knows me..they know that I tend to do research for my next book to read.
I'm currently reading: The Lucky One
It's lovely so far, though I won't recommend it till I finish but Nicholas Sparks books are known to be simply great.
On the ex-boyfriend note I've been so busy really I haven't had time to honestly think about it. Whether that's fantastic or bad news waiting to happen I'm not sure really. Maybe after all the drama he has started and put me through it's a lot easier to get through it then I thought. To sit back and relax for once.
The weather down here is going a bit kooky, it feels more like late Feb. then January..not that I'm complaining due to work BUT i do love the cold weather. I'm not sure if I told you but yes I'm officially Hostess Trainer..taking the class soon one could hope.
Writing my book earlier made me burst into laughter at the thought now that we're beyond over he'll most likely find out about it and think i wrote it in a bit of jealous rage. Well..I'll be sure to write in the acknowledgments that I worked on it far around the first time he broke my heart lol. <3 Mia

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Revenge is Sweeter then You Ever Were

In some situations people get angry. Well..I am absolutely livid. Girls form a mob because this time it has hit the limit. Everyone has stories about their hearts being broken and ripped apart. Some guys deal with those man-eaters or heart-breakers too.
I can't believe I once loved you. I can't believe I thought I might have a future with you.
You are low. Very low.
You cheat on your girlfriend. Tell me you love me. Tell me you want to be with me.
Change your mind without telling me. Let me optimistically wait. You let me put too much faith in you, you didn't deserve the second chance. I gave it anyways.
I deeply regret it.
You blocked me on facebook. Why? Because I know your afraid of me telling her you cheated. You told me you were sorry, that's not enough. I know you don't really mean it.
How I got mixed up in it all..I blame on my heart. For not listening to my head nor my common sense. I can promise you I'll be better.
You rip my heart but I tried to be the bigger person. You had other plans it seems.
I'm so glad your in San Antonio..because if you weren't my hand would find it's way across your face.
I don't write this just in anger I write this in a lot of hurt.
Karma can be a pain. One can hope in your case.
Its not often I feel compelled to be a cold hearted witch but congratulations it seems you have awaken the inner power in me.
I want to ran to a salon and make myself fabulous like they do in all the chick flicks and tell myself you'll be sorry while scouting out new potential flings.
What a git. Toerag. Prat. Amoeba beneath my heel.
I apologize for the rather upsetting blog..some things you just have to type furiously late at night really..
Which leaves to me forming a new doorway. (With new padded locks to keep you out that an Alohomora spell won't even open)
Game on use to have a certain different meaning for us. I have a feeling this one you won't enjoy so much.
So game on douche bag, it has begun.