Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This is the Era.

First off, welcome back to me :]
Now I only have one question to ask, are these not absolutely gorgeous?
It's been absolutely forever since I've posted and lets be honest I could make a long list of excuses or I could update everyone about my life!
This coming Tuesday will be my 7 month anniversary with my boyfriend who is an endearing mixture of a musician soul with a strong attachment to books and his xbox. All and all it's really a win.
I'm officially a nanny to an absolutely adorable child! And working as a seasonal girl at one of the greatest stores of all time.
Do I regret leaving the AQ? Psh. They. Wish.
I'm trying to cook more healthy which can be a bit disappointing at times because who doesn't like to make a three layer lasagna with lots of gooey cheese or snickerdoodle cupcakes?
BUT...a wonderful person once said everything is fine in moderation. Bravo.
Now onto my current book I'm reading.
"Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters". It pulls you in with the wonderful Jane Austen story but at the same time you can't help but giggle at the brilliant lines added in this parody.
I wish this was a longer post but honestly my brains are a bit mushy at the moment and I keep glancing at my warm bed. I hope to tackle lots of topics from the seventh HP movie part 1! All the way to seeing how healthy recipes hold up disguised as every day dishes. It's all random but this is the musings of an Indie girl so saddle up yourself on the merry go round and get ready for a creative ride :]


  1. Woot! Back in business! Also, if you continue to find adorable things such as those pictured above, you WILL leave me with no choice but to grab the next penguin-loving indie kid I meet and march straight down the aisle.

    Just a warning <9

    post.script: you make new boyfriend sound way better than he actually is. I jk. For realz, don't show him what I just wrote xD

  2. Welcome back. :D
    Sounds like your life is covered with awesomesauce. :)